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We create
with integrity.

Whether designing custom office furniture or consulting on entire commercial fit-outs, we take the time to consider the purpose and the people behind every detail - how each element will be used, and how it can make a difference, today and tomorrow.

For us, true quality is found when we balance the problem, with the outcome, art and science, form and function.

A local tradition

Proudly Melbourne-based, we collaborate with local designers and manufacturers.

We only work with trusted artisans, suppliers and collaborators to ensure we maintain our high standards - sustainably sourced, locally made, honestly crafted, designed to work and built to last.

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Form & function

Equal care and respect is given the function and the form of every product. When we solve design problems considering both, we create a work of quality, and even beauty.

Our entire range is developed for the unique Australian and New Zealand commercial office and education landscape. With a focus on modular, changeable and movable pieces, we make reconfiguring office spaces easier, faster and better than traditional office furniture.

Consciously crafted

Recycling, reusing and low-waste processes are just the beginning. Making pieces that last and are easy to clean and repair is a true measure of sustainability.

Our materials are certified to industry standard or above, consciously chosen for their the quality and longevity, so Jonik products look good and last longer.
Our range is predominantly made with glue free construction, allowing us the ability to quickly and easily repair any accidental damage locally, keeping valuable resources in use and out of landfill for as long as possible.

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