Co Create

We welcome collaboration to bring an envisaged product into existence.

We believe in always pushing boundaries. The bigger the challenge, the more complex the problem, the more we thrive.

That's why as part of Co Create, we work with like-minded architects and interiors designers to Co Create workplace products and tools that really work. We bring a vision to life using the latest materials and leading local manufacturing expertise.

Our Process

We love problem solving. Whether it's addressing the function of a product, it's aesthetic and design or the cost of the product, we work with architects and interior designers to bring new and better products into existence. It is true customisation and we love it.


During the briefing process, we’ll learn more about your needs, review any drawings and plans and determine a budget for the project.
It is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. We piece together the various elements to create a clear picture of your project and a workable budget.

During the product design process, we take all of the information gathered during the briefing project into consideration to develop a functional and aesthetic product.

Like a chef creating a recipe, combining the right ingredients in the right proportions to create a tasty and satisfying meal. Every element needs to be accounted for in order to create something that works.

As we evaluate the design, we will search for things that don't quite work as intended, things that are missing, materials that are suitable. We'll consider whether the design meets user needs. Additionally, we will evaluate the design's suitability and usability to ensure it can stand up to its intended environment and user preferences. 
And, of course, we'll make sure it looks good in an Instagram post!

Whenever possible, we'll construct a full-scale prototype using your chosen materials and finishes, so you can touch, feel, and experience your designs. This allows us to identify any issues or potential problems with the design before committing to full-scale production, and also allows you to make any necessary modifications and adjustments before committing to the final design.

After all, the last thing you want is to find out you hate your design after it’s already been made.

Co-Create products are manufactured locally by our trusted network of manufacturing partners, providing us with input and oversight of the process.
Throughout the design process, we collaborate with our partners, who provide expert consultation on everything from waste reduction to material suitability, so there are no surprises during production.

All Jonik products are delivered and installed by our team of experienced professionals meaning that there is less chance of damage to the product during delivery and installation

Our products are designed for quick, efficient installation, saving you time and money, with peace of mind that your project is handled by experts.

Plus our team will take care of any packaging materials for you, leaving your site clean and organised.

Plus, you don't have to worry about the hassle of trying to read those tiny instructions!


We are always happy to discuss projects. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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