• Location Fitzroy, Melbourne
  • Interior Design Dasch Associates
  • Project Management Plan Group
  • Photography Cheyne Toomey
  • Order Value $350k
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‘As local as possible,
international as necessary’

True to their mantra, AVI committed to local suppliers and sourcing for their new Fitzroy workspace.

Unable to find a product on the market to meet their needs, Dasch Associates approached Jonik to design a spine system for working neighbourhoods.

The requirements included flexible cube like storage with access from both sides, the option to reconfigure and add new elements in the future, along with hidden high capacity cable storage with enough space to allow power and data to be neatly installed and organised.

We created Stax, with future flexibility built into the design.

We know that as teams change with projects, workspaces need to change with them. That's why we designed Stax so it can be reconfigured without power tools, for workspaces to suit individual and team needs with minimal downtime.

AVI teams can add and reconfigure elements without the downtime and cost of installers and facilities managers.

Stax provides storage with access from both sides, teams are able to reconfigure elements as their needs change without the wait and additional cost of specialist installation teams.

Bespoke branded elements throughout honour the AVI story, their people, and global projects.

Working closely with the client, Jonik took on the design and development of some of the uniquely branded elements.

Utilising our network of trusted manufacturing partners, we created multiple custom one off pieces sustainably and within the project budget and timeline.

Necessary acoustic paneling in the open plan kitchen and informal meeting space, has been transformed into a giant six meter 3D mural.

Locally manufactured custom plywood lockers provide secure personal storage and a canvas to display photographs telling stories from AVI's global projects.

AVI's own photographs have been printed directly onto plywood locker doors in stunning vivid high resolution.

AVI prioritises sustainability and minimising waste on all their projects, in perfect alignment with the Jonik ethos.

Jonik plywood products produced for AVI were made in a 100% carbon neutral workshop using FCS timber.
The etched custom mural is made from 80% post-consumer recycled material and certified low VOC.
Digital printing is produced using a process requiring minimal material and zero waste, with a low carbon footprint.

‘everything is built on relationship’

Jonik care, where others don’t. This was reflected in undertaking early prototyping, in asking questions, and attention to detail.

Ipshita Wright - Executive Manager Int. Services @AVI