• Location CBD, Melbourne
  • Interior Design ARM Architecture
  • Project Management Shape
  • Photography Shannon McGrath
  • Photography John Gollings
  • Order Value $900k
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RMIT's Our Place, was an opportunity to express their brand through a flexible, agile and connected working environment.

Time-utilisation studies by ARM showed 76% of RMIT’s collaborative tasks involved two to four people.

Scout whiteboards are used in designated informal collaborative zones. Scout's mobility allows users to easily modify the space depending on the number of people.

Scout whiteboard in use in an informal collaborative space RMIT Our Place

Custom planters help divide the 10,000 sqm floor plate into zones and neighbourhoods.

Custom planters @ RMIT Our Place - Melbourne. Photo @ John Gollings

In taller units, supporting the weight of so many plants and keeping them safely upright presented a challenge.

In pursuit of a solution, we visited with our specialist installation team to gain a complete understanding of the site.

We then worked with our manufacturing partners to engineer an elegant solution to keep the units safe and stable.

Our solution cost-effectively manages stability and extra weight by anchoring units to the ceiling, bringing the design vision to life within the project's budget.

Custom planters help physically and visually divide the floor plate into zones.
Photo @ Shannon McGrath

Custom planters provide privacy from the transition ways for concentrated work. Photo @ Shannon McGrath

Custom planters @ RMIT Our Place - Melbourne. Photo @ John Gollings